Shipwreck Recording



Shipwreck Recording can record bands live or separately, and solo artists have access to our session musicians. Tracking can be done with multiple microphones and each instrument can be overdubbed and layered as much or as little as fits the musician’s vision for the work. Processing is then done through EQs, compression and effects again to as much or as little as you like. We can produce a raw album or a highly polished album.


It is said that the most important mix is the headphone mix when recording.  Using Universal Audio interfaces and a Tascam multi-output headphone mixer there are custom stereo headphone mixes for each musician, with or without effects.  The bass player may want more kick drum, the singer may want more of their voice whilst the drummer wants more bass to lock in with it.  We use the studio standard Sennheiser HD-280 headphones, or you may wish to bring your own.


Our set-up is a drum room, amp room, and control/live room.  In the middle of this is the decking with large outdoor table people to gather around, drink and smoke if they wish, and especially relax after some intense tracking.  The beach at Glenelg is nearby as well as the cafes of Jetty Road and Broadway if you need a caffeine fix or quick lunch.


The drum room is fitted out with a pro Tama kit and top of the range DW snare, ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphones, and noise-cancelling headphones.  The amp room boast a Hiwatt DR-103 100 watt head going into the matching Hiwatt Fane quad cabinet, as well as an Ampeg Heritage SVT amp head made in USA and matching fridge cab or quad.  There is also an extensive selection of other gear available for use, check out our equipment list page.


If you already have recorded your work and need it mixed so it can then be mastered then Shipwreck Recording can help.. From using the Chandler TG channel strips and the Rupert Neve summing mixer to get that large console sound, to a vast array of plugins from Waves, Soundtoys, Izotope, Universal Audio and much more, your music will be processed by high-end analog and digital means.


All stems go through the Rupert Neve Summing Mixer – this creates depth, width and clarity to the entire mix.  This is an analogue antidote to digital summing which can be harsh, brittle, and lifeless.  It is the same large console format architecture of the Rupert Neve mixing desks, and it gives that brilliant large Neve console sound.


So if you want your tracks professionally mixed into a mastering-ready or radio-ready format then don’t hesitate to reach out and shoot us a message or call us.


Putting you stems through our Rupert Neve summing mixer to get that big console sound, or using our Chandler TG channel strips and array of UAD mastering plugins, Shipwreck Recording can master your music that is ready for streaming or CD duplication.


Getting a loud mix is still important, even if you are only uploading to streaming platforms.  Spotify for example will make all music at -14LUFS, but you can still increase the perceived loudness of songs through the mastering processes. 


Also in mastering engineering you may know how important it is to get an equal weight across the frequency spectrum.  This is best shown in the graphics of pink noise.  It is import to have equal energy across the frequencies, it just sounds more natural to the ears.


So as a mixing studio in Adelaide we can double as a mastering studio and this is made affordable for clients on a tight budget.